Red Pucker Lips!


Am on a mission to review as many lipstick as I can. I am in my “lipstick” phase… Gone are he days with just lip gloss and lip balms (of course I still love lip balms for life, just saying..)

While growing up I’ve never really had an inkling that I’d ever like lipsticks, but now I’ve finally reached “matureness” or simply being more bold on being able to carry not just any color but mostly and intensely RED colors on my puckers!

So here comes a mission for Miss L to try on different shades of Red in different shades and different brands.

Stay Tuned…




Myself is a great example for all imperfections.
Today I feel deep emotions unravelled from the very beginning of my existence.

There are raging fire inside that needs to be let out and there will be some sorry ones who might be unfortunate to receive these. My apologies… This is the meaning of being a human being.

Fear not as this is not my goal, I believe these are just bubbles that needed to come out and once they pop, it’s gone one by one until I feel nothingness. Now that is my ultimate goal…nothingness!

So when there are times that You think i am whatever, don’t you worry.. I just practice feeling nothingness.

To some imperfections are insensitivity or being too aggressive or whatever negative or positive adjective that is used to create the perception of “imperfectionism”, but those are yours not mine.
What matters most is what I feel inside – the light and love in my heart

Aim to be someone in the higher plane rather than being in the higher society.

The imperfect L

Positions and Ego



Once upon a time, there was an old fat man who walked in into a restaurant which was fully booked.

Lady: For how many sir?
OFM: Just one
Lady: Have you got a reservation?
Lady: Sorry sir but we are fully booked, would you like to sit in the bar?
OFM: I’m in the board of the director for this building you know
Lady: Well, let me check where I could sit you

Lady gave him a sit at a nice table (suitable for 4 people) near the entrance, as there were no available seats that evening of a Friday.

Restaurant was packed and bookings after bookings arrived with tables being turned over. 

Lady finally have a chance to change candles on table and had a chance to ask this OFM “How’s yourdinner sir?”

OFM answers “I’m gonna have a huge bill at the end of the night here, but nobody pays attention to me, what a service you have”, “I’m sorry sir, it’s just been a busy night , would you like to have some
coffee?” apologetically says the Lady. “I am in the board of directors in here you know, I’m gonna talk to the owner…blah blah blah…children as so noisy running around in front of me…blah blah.. food is great but the service was not so good…blah blah..nobody paying attention to me”. Lady apologizes again yet no direct answer to her question on whether he wants anything else like coffee or dessert.

Now what’s the deal with this?
Why do people keep on saying that they’re in the board of director and what do they expect really from saying that? I really don’t understand when people try to manipulate you by saying things like this. I actually pity them because they probably don’t get enough attention so they act out like a teenager.

Of course if you go to a place and no one else is there, the staff can talk to you but if there are other customers you have to serve and make happy, no one can until every single one of the customers have gotten what they’ve asked for.

If you’re looking for someone to talk to, get a therapist or if you need to eat and need someone to talk to, eat somewhere that’s not full nor busy or stay in the bar. That way, you are always in front of someone and he will certainly talk to you.

I don’t have patience for egomaniacs, who thinks they can do anything and say anything just becausethey think they have the power.

Power is nothing without LOVE. Period.

Just sharing…

Only Love Allowed here,

Group Buying Sites in HK

Been looking through sites and can’t believe the amount of group buying sites in HK!
Thanks to John Erik’s Blog, here are the sites:


Enjoy and happy group buying!



Working in a Resto Business + How to be a Good Manager

There are certain things one have to deal with when working in a restaurant or in a food and beverage business.

For me, just to share an example from today is myself having to work long hours (10 hours minimum) with overtimes — which is not paid (but will be returned whenever it is not busy), for 6 days a week makes sleep so bleak!

So when I am off, I do want to sleep…and yes I sleep the whole day! I barely do any exercise nor activities now because of this. It’s not like working an office job from 9 to 6, where afterwards you can still go out and meet friends or do some groceries and household chores, this job requires your valuable time.

But what can management and managers do about this?

First of all they should understand who they are working with, lower their (or better yet have no) expectations of their staff. Learning requires time and lots of mistakes. However, if someone has the experience and they know what their doing, a leader should know how to mold them and not change it. 

I have respect for my colleagues and their roles, but if that respect is not given back with the role I have, I’m sorry for that person, because he might think he knows it all, but he should think twice specially with what’s going on with his staff.

Yes, people can come to me because they see the trust, that I care so they feel comfortable talking to me about things. TRUST is ceratinly something you have to acquire before getting the respect and credibility you want from your employees. It’s not just the title.

Here’s some tips from WorkAwesome

1. Do Your Job

First and foremost do your own job. Managing people isn’t an excuse to let them do the work whilst you look on. Of course, sometimes your job may involve being more strategic but your staff will respect you for doing what needs to be done and being willing to pitch in like everyone else at times. Many of us have had managers who use their role as an excuse to do less or attend more meetings. Get the balance right and earn respect from your staff.

2. Acknowledge The Positive

See the positives in your staff and their work. Don’t be one of those bosses who only sees what’s missing rather than what’s been achieved. It is demoralizing for staff to have someone only see what they have done ‘wrong’. Positivity breeds positivity. Genuine and meaningful praise goes a long way. If this is difficult for you, get in the habit of noting down positive things you notice about how your staff work. Give feedback regularly and let them know that you see the good work they do.

Things don’t always go smoothly in any workplace. You are a manager, so you must be willing to manage. Some people find it hard to set boundaries or give feedback but it is important to get over that hurdle. If you need some help with this don’t be afraid to ask your own boss for help or request training. It doesn’t come naturally to everyone. You can make a work situation worse by not being clear with staff if you are hesitant about managing. People appreciate genuine leadership. Practice managing and making the tough decisions. These things get easier with practice but people will appreciate knowing where you stand and any changes they need to make.

3. Be Vulnerable

If you make a mistake, be big about it and apologize. It can be scary and seem like you are making yourself vulnerable, but your staff will appreciate your honesty. No one expects a manager to be super human. Everyone likes someone who takes responsibility for your actions. Being honest will help you create a culture of honesty.

4. Be Real With People

The way we work is changing. You don’t have to be superhuman or untouchable. Be the real human being that you are. Let people at work know about your life and find out about others. If you let people know the “real you” it is much easier than having different personalities for your work and home life.

Let your staff know what’s going on behind the scenes, as appropriate. If something will affect a member of staff, make sure they are included in the communication. This doesn’t mean you have to let your staff know everything. Sometimes keeping communications back until the correct time can save panic and needless worrying. Communicate appropriately and consistently but be aware of how communication (or lack of it) can affect your staff.

5. Lead By Example

If you want your staff to behave in a certain way (professional, good team players), then lead by example. It is not fair to expect your staff to do something if you are not doing it yourself.

6. Be Self Aware

Be aware of your moods and how you communicate. You may not realise how much of an impact you have on your team as a manager. You may know you are in a bad mood about the dog chewing your shoes this morning but staff may feel that they have done something wrong if they don’t know this! Be aware of how and what you communicate. Your team will pick up on it.

7. Have Fun

Having fun at work can help make the work easier for everyone, forge positive relationships and strengthen your team. There is usually room for more fun in any work environment, but if the nature of your work makes that difficult, be sure to schedule fun activities when you can. Meeting for lunch or drinks after work can help build relationships and help your team to see you and each other in a new light. If you create a positive work atmosphere it also becomes easier to deal with challenges as they arise.

8. Trust Yourself

At the end of the day, there is no one right way to be a manager. Trust yourself and learn through your mistakes.  Managing others is a great way to develop and enhance your leadership skills and create a positive work experience for yourself and others.


I hope this experience brings some of you an insight of what food and beverage employees in general have to deal with. There are a lot more issues that is encountered in here that I hear from many people of the same industry. And guess what, employees are the backbone of every company, if you value your them, they will definitely bring forth a happier service!

Branding Factors

This is separating yourself identity from others – what makes you different in more creative or unique way.

There is no final answers to what sets you apart from the crowd. It is entirely up to you, you are your imagination!

Just a few things I came across and have personally done that can be useful for other to improve individual branding for yourself or your business:

1. Create a unique logo. KISS – Keep it short & simple yet easily recognizable. This will go on every marketing, promotions and print ads you wish to do.

2. Create a company mission statement.

3. Create a “memory hook”. This is different to the mission statement. This is something that people remember and can repeat to others. For example a friend of mine does financial courses for women (only) and the company is called Women In Charge. “Why women? Because men thinks they know it all anyway!” — this is one of my fave because it’s funny and its true!

4. Create a Facebook page. Always offer VALUE or Benefits..Do not hard sell nor put sales pitches

5. Create a blog page. Engage your clients on what’s happening about yourself and your business. In a way where they can see Value in it.

6. Network or join a networking organization like chamber of commerces or BNI. I personally love BNI (Business Networking International) it is a word-of-mouth marketing organization, referring businesses to the members within and meets weekly to instill and build stronger relationship as well as trust. Soon as these foundations are met, business referrals does come in very quickly. I was a member myself and truly, it is a great platform (a very effective one too!)
There are plenty of organizations you can join in like defin8tion, women in charge, meetup etc.

7. Never give up. Make the decision to become successful. Remember, the best way to improve individual branding for your business is to show that you’re successful.

8. Be Informative and relational – again no sales pitches, just be sincere.

9. Be yourself

10. Keep showing the Love


image by Phil Sanko

Been swamped recently and been wanting to write something about this place. Thanks to Ale – food blogger, she basically sums up what I wanted to say 🙂


The Dim Sum Diaries

giando hong kong

Chocolate is one of the most important things in my life. Take away my chocolate and you’ll need to replace it with something equally as amazing or we may no longer be friends. Sadly, we recently said goodbye to chocoholic’s paradise VERO Lounge in Fenwick Pier, yet what made this heartbreak easier was knowing that it would be replaced by Giando, an Italian restaurant set up by former Isola chef Gianni Caprioli.

The space has always been large, but after being redesigned, it now looks even larger, with a gorgeous view of the harbour and what will (hopefully soon) be a lovely garden overlooking said harbour – just be patient with the construction works for now.

giando hong kong

Gianni has decorated the space in his own way, keeping it very minimalist, while including little trinkets from his former home in Italy. The focus is primarily on the menu, with delicious ingredients…

View original post 485 more words

Networking for Business

Networking in Hong Kong is a big thing in Hong Kong with it being a very competitive environment. I have been a member of BNI (Business Networking International) for 2 and a half years and it is indeed a great platform to an effective growth for connections, business leads as it is a referral or word-of-mouth marketing and a training ground specially for those whose set up a business and needed a support system to make their strategy “warmer” through visibility, credibility, trust and more trust! Now you might ask why I’m putting it on hold. The reason is being (and I have been reminded of this many times through BNI), “wind sprints“. We gotta remember the basics…I have had too many on my plates, too eager and excited of new ideas and opportunities that comes up that I sometimes forget myself. So now, I’m going back to the basics, I call this being “undercover” (Just like the Undercover Boss TV Show) to keep on learning from people FOR people 🙂

There are different organizations that offers networking activities and events, one of which is our own Defin8tion focusing on professionals and new-to-Hong Kong looking for things they can do and where to meet leads for business or simply meet friends. It’s a community for highly motivated, well driven, compassionate, with integrity and open mindedness to reach out and help others who are trying to make a difference and be successful.

There are also various communities that strongly support women in businesses like Women In Charge (WIC) and Heels & Deals.

For those who’d like to know more on an effective networking practices you can check this linkI’ll be extracting excerpts from various links that I stumble upon, which deems to be useful for those who might need it 🙂

Only Love Allowed,

Boqueria Spanish Restaurant Preview

Spanish Restaurant seems to be the trend nowadays in Hong Kong. A week ago, I was just in Fofo – contemporary Spanish Resto and today I had been invited to a preview to Boqueria Tapas Bar & Restaurant.

It was a great turn-up, got crowded around 8-ish. Sangria, tapas and ham were being served and on our way out we had Boqueria’s olive oil as a souvenir, which was super! We were running low at home, with all the cooking I do 😀

The place was nice, modern and cozy. Located in the 7th floor of the LKF Tower which is very convenient and accessible. Food was alright, I guess you need to try dining in to really enjoy the food and test the quality of taste for the dishes they serve. So far, I prefer Fofo 🙂