CLSA Investor’s Forum 2012

This is the time of the year (of every year – now my third year) temp-ing in CLSA and I heart it! While it’s all hard work, it’s also very productive and fun. I’ll keep an update at the end of the week. Meanwhile, I had a lovely time at Fofo’s, a contemporary Spanish Restaurant […]

Play Catch Up

The weekend is over. Prior to that I have been occupied organizing and finalizing things with the Junkboat trip. It was a great success! Having to see everyone happy was priceless ( i assume everyone was ;] ) We had a great mix of culture – Russian, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, French, Filipino, Indian, American, Australian, […]

Typhoon (T1) Golfing in Tseung Kwan O

Here I am again, reporting on island golf club in tseung kwan o. We were there to hit some golf with Ken, Jennifer, Tony, Lumi, Masa, Marc and Marc. It was good fun! I’d love to do it again 🙂 The place is alright, there were plenty of golf enthusiasts practicing their swings and some […]

You’ve got to move it move it

You know that song that’s played in the Madagascar Movie “I like to move it”? Well it somehow popped up when I was out with my Japanese clients in Makumba and the owner of the bar didn’t know what it was nor what the Madagascar movie was. So if you happen to be reading, this is […]