Been swamped recently and been wanting to write something about this place. Thanks to Ale – food blogger, she basically sums up what I wanted to say 🙂


The Dim Sum Diaries

giando hong kong

Chocolate is one of the most important things in my life. Take away my chocolate and you’ll need to replace it with something equally as amazing or we may no longer be friends. Sadly, we recently said goodbye to chocoholic’s paradise VERO Lounge in Fenwick Pier, yet what made this heartbreak easier was knowing that it would be replaced by Giando, an Italian restaurant set up by former Isola chef Gianni Caprioli.

The space has always been large, but after being redesigned, it now looks even larger, with a gorgeous view of the harbour and what will (hopefully soon) be a lovely garden overlooking said harbour – just be patient with the construction works for now.

giando hong kong

Gianni has decorated the space in his own way, keeping it very minimalist, while including little trinkets from his former home in Italy. The focus is primarily on the menu, with delicious ingredients…

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