Myself is a great example for all imperfections.
Today I feel deep emotions unravelled from the very beginning of my existence.

There are raging fire inside that needs to be let out and there will be some sorry ones who might be unfortunate to receive these. My apologies… This is the meaning of being a human being.

Fear not as this is not my goal, I believe these are just bubbles that needed to come out and once they pop, it’s gone one by one until I feel nothingness. Now that is my ultimate goal…nothingness!

So when there are times that You think i am whatever, don’t you worry.. I just practice feeling nothingness.

To some imperfections are insensitivity or being too aggressive or whatever negative or positive adjective that is used to create the perception of “imperfectionism”, but those are yours not mine.
What matters most is what I feel inside – the light and love in my heart

Aim to be someone in the higher plane rather than being in the higher society.

The imperfect L


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