Positions and Ego



Once upon a time, there was an old fat man who walked in into a restaurant which was fully booked.

Lady: For how many sir?
OFM: Just one
Lady: Have you got a reservation?
Lady: Sorry sir but we are fully booked, would you like to sit in the bar?
OFM: I’m in the board of the director for this building you know
Lady: Well, let me check where I could sit you

Lady gave him a sit at a nice table (suitable for 4 people) near the entrance, as there were no available seats that evening of a Friday.

Restaurant was packed and bookings after bookings arrived with tables being turned over. 

Lady finally have a chance to change candles on table and had a chance to ask this OFM “How’s yourdinner sir?”

OFM answers “I’m gonna have a huge bill at the end of the night here, but nobody pays attention to me, what a service you have”, “I’m sorry sir, it’s just been a busy night , would you like to have some
coffee?” apologetically says the Lady. “I am in the board of directors in here you know, I’m gonna talk to the owner…blah blah blah…children as so noisy running around in front of me…blah blah.. food is great but the service was not so good…blah blah..nobody paying attention to me”. Lady apologizes again yet no direct answer to her question on whether he wants anything else like coffee or dessert.

Now what’s the deal with this?
Why do people keep on saying that they’re in the board of director and what do they expect really from saying that? I really don’t understand when people try to manipulate you by saying things like this. I actually pity them because they probably don’t get enough attention so they act out like a teenager.

Of course if you go to a place and no one else is there, the staff can talk to you but if there are other customers you have to serve and make happy, no one can until every single one of the customers have gotten what they’ve asked for.

If you’re looking for someone to talk to, get a therapist or if you need to eat and need someone to talk to, eat somewhere that’s not full nor busy or stay in the bar. That way, you are always in front of someone and he will certainly talk to you.

I don’t have patience for egomaniacs, who thinks they can do anything and say anything just becausethey think they have the power.

Power is nothing without LOVE. Period.

Just sharing…

Only Love Allowed here,


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