Branding Factors

This is separating yourself identity from others – what makes you different in more creative or unique way.

There is no final answers to what sets you apart from the crowd. It is entirely up to you, you are your imagination!

Just a few things I came across and have personally done that can be useful for other to improve individual branding for yourself or your business:

1. Create a unique logo. KISS – Keep it short & simple yet easily recognizable. This will go on every marketing, promotions and print ads you wish to do.

2. Create a company mission statement.

3. Create a “memory hook”. This is different to the mission statement. This is something that people remember and can repeat to others. For example a friend of mine does financial courses for women (only) and the company is called Women In Charge. “Why women? Because men thinks they know it all anyway!” — this is one of my fave because it’s funny and its true!

4. Create a Facebook page. Always offer VALUE or Benefits..Do not hard sell nor put sales pitches

5. Create a blog page. Engage your clients on what’s happening about yourself and your business. In a way where they can see Value in it.

6. Network or join a networking organization like chamber of commerces or BNI. I personally love BNI (Business Networking International) it is a word-of-mouth marketing organization, referring businesses to the members within and meets weekly to instill and build stronger relationship as well as trust. Soon as these foundations are met, business referrals does come in very quickly. I was a member myself and truly, it is a great platform (a very effective one too!)
There are plenty of organizations you can join in like defin8tion, women in charge, meetup etc.

7. Never give up. Make the decision to become successful. Remember, the best way to improve individual branding for your business is to show that you’re successful.

8. Be Informative and relational – again no sales pitches, just be sincere.

9. Be yourself

10. Keep showing the Love


image by Phil Sanko


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